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Publishing, press, production of films and TV programmes, music, video games and advertising have been subject to different legal frameworks in the course of their development. However, they face the same challenges, even if the timescales can be different.

These different industries have designed contractual practices adapted to their own environment and constraints. These practices often evolve without coherence; whereas the solutions developed in one sector could often offer an example for others to follow.

The field is regulated by provisions scattered across many texts, both codes and uncodified, including European directives and regulations.

Nomos’ teams have always considered that detailed knowledge of the contractual practices of each sector makes it possible to find an innovative solution to the new issues faced by these industries. Thus, for example, the experience developed on the issue of the right to the artists’ image makes it possible to design solutions adapted for both models and influencers.

A range of interventions

The communication sector is covered by many areas of law, with specific provisions and the jurisdiction of various courts: administrative courts, civil courts, commercial courts, employment tribunals, and, of course, the European institutions.

In-depth involvement

By participating in the work of professional associations and federations, contributing to the development of legislation, participating in seminars, trade fairs and festivals (music, film, TV, multimedia) and getting involved in training, Nomos’ teams are able to manage these new developments for both the largest groups and the independent producers and entrepreneurs who are creating new business models.

Dedicated teams

In addition to their specialised training, many of the lawyers working in the media and communication sector have spent part of their career working in these industries. Depending on their area of focus, the specialists in intellectual property, tax law, employment law, mergers acquisitions and corporate law, have adapted their knowledge to the communication and media industries, so as to offer a service adapted to the needs of the company and its internal resources.

The highest quality

The lawyers’ business experience, their rigour in managing conflicts of interest and in applying our confidentiality rules, provide Nomos’ clients with the necessary guarantees that they expect from a trusted partner.

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