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Our choice

Focus on providing high-quality services by concentrating our expertise on 6 practices.

Some claim to know how to do everything and be good in all areas. Our approach is different. From its creation, Nomos made the clear choice to focus on some major business law practices:

  • Corporate / Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Economic Law (including competition, distribution, consumer and advertising law)
  • Intellectual Property – Media and Technology Law
  • Tax Law
  • Employment Law
  • Healthcare and life sciences law

This targeted approach allows us to focus 100% of our investment to constantly developp our expertise in these areas of law while covering the needs of our clients.

This choice serves an objective: to ensure that we provide our clients the highest level of expertise and service in our areas of specialisation.

Our added value

In-depth knowledge of a number of industries combined with our legal expertise

Because not all industries are alike, they are not subject to the same constraints. A law firm must therefore master and understand the specific environment of its clients, in order to provide appropriate legal solutions tailored to them.

Nomos was one of the first French firms to develop sector-based expertise in the late 1990s.

This expertise has been acquired over the course of many years. It has been enabled by the loyalty of our clients who have helped us to learn about their businesses, by the recruitment of lawyers who are also chosen based on their interest in our clients’ industries, and by our daily monitoring of the latest news in our clients’ business sectors: media, entertainment, technologies, agri-food, healthcare and life sciences, luxury goods and cosmetics are all sectors in which Nomos is now recognised for the quality of its work.

Nomos’ values

High expectations

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High expectations are reflected:

  • every day, in our approach to all aspects of our business, to provide  the best possible legal service, by listening, being truly available and fully responsive to our clients requests;
  • constantly in our ability to challenge ourselves to change our working methods, our organisation and our tools, including the use of legal technology, in the interest of our clients.


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Nomos’ teams are acutely aware of their responsibility:

  • With regard to clients: we consider that when a client presents a project to us or entrusts us with a case, it is our responsibility to bring it to a successful conclusion, in line with the specifications that we have established together. We believe that our practice should not be limited to assisting clients by issuing legal advice, but rather that we must provide them with solutions to bring their projects to fruition.
  • Our ethical approach: we attach great importance to respect – in all circumstances – for our ethical obligations as lawyers: strict respect for client confidentiality, reporting of conflicts of interest, compliance with the rules on fees, dialogue between colleagues, relations with our teams, etc.). The implementation of a confidentiality policy and a strong computer security policy is also at the core of our concern to protect the information and personal data that our clients entrust to us.
  • Our social responsibility: as lawyers and a company, we consider it our responsibility to act to promote and apply the following social values which we consider essential:
    • we are careful to ensure equal opportunities in career development and maintain diversity within our teams;
    • we apply parity, with as many women in our team as men since the creation of the firm.
    • for many years, we have been implementing an active policy of reducing paper consumption and optimising consumable resources in order to protect the environment.
    • we aim to promote responsible and respectful communication with others, particularly in the digital world where hate content is proliferating. The Respect Zone label on all pages of our site is a sign of our commitment.


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We believe that for Nomos to be sustainable, all our teams must commit to a collective and shared ambition. Sharing is expressed at all stages of our organisation: in relations with our clients, in relations between partners, in the permanent communication between the teams and the mentoring of younger lawyers by the most experienced lawyers among our teams.

Our structure of specialised teams ensures availability, responsiveness and efficiency.

The expectations of our clients, in terms of availability, responsiveness and efficiency, are high. To meet these expectations, it is essential to have specialised teams, supervised by partners who are accessible and able to work together.

The specialisation of our teams is a guarantee of efficiency. The organisation of our teams, based on the involvement in each case of at least one partner and one associate, assures our clients a high level of availability and fast responsiveness.

We know how to work in a globalised and international environment.

Nomos has always had a high proportion of international clients.

More than half of our clients are foreign-based groups that we assist both in the development of their activities in France and also in the supervision of a number of cross-border issues.

All our lawyers work in English on a daily basis and thus practise effectively in an international environment.

In addition, our specialised teams have all developed their own network of external partners abroad. As Nomos is an independent law firm, each team has the freedom to select its own external partners, by case and according to their expertise and their position in terms of fees.

We control our costs to ensure predictable and transparent fees.

The predictability and transparency of our client billing policy is of great importance to us. We ensure that we put it into practice on a daily basis.

Because Nomos is a medium-sized firm and we control our fixed costs, we can provide a high quality service at reasonable prices that we are able to explain.

Our lawyers’ hourly rates range between €180 and €450, excluding tax, for the most experienced partners.

While setting an hourly rate by lawyer is an indispensable tool for ensuring and measuring a firm’s profitability, charging by time is not always appropriate. We therefore use alternative modes of billing, in agreement with our clients and according to the nature of the cases: subscriptions, budgets previously estimated at each phase of the case, flat fees for services that can be measured in advance.