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The founding of the firm in 1998 coincided with the advent of digital technology and the exponential growth of information technologies. Nomos takes great pride in providing sustainable support to French and foreign groups who have become leaders in the media and advanced technologies sector and who continue to call upon Nomos.

Technology Law

Our lawyers dealing with technology and personal data regulations have both a high level of legal expertise and a real interest in the various branches of the sector (advertising targeting technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, IOT etc) the development of which they monitor very closely.

Our work mainly covers regulatory advice, negotiation and drafting of contracts.

We bring to innovative companies, large groups and startups:

  • Our ability to think in depth and our legal creativity to help them build contractual schemes to leverage their technologies
  • Our mastery of the legal and regulatory environment of technologies so that our clients secure their models and adapt them when necessary
  • Our expertise in IT law in the context of complex projects (integration, ERP, CRM, GED etc.), negotiation and drafting of IT contracts (licensing/assignment, maintenance, hosting, outsourcing, SaaS etc.)

Personal Data

The regulation of personal data was for a long time considered a subject of little importance by law firms, until the GDPR and the future E-Privacy regulation made it a major concern for companies. However, for the past 20 years, the Nomos’ Media / Intellectual Property / Technologies team has always made  personal data one of its main areas of expertise, anticipating as early as the year 2000 that the conditions for the use of data would constitute a major challenge for the 21st century and would undergo profound changes.

Our permanent long-term investment in developing the highest level of expertise in this rapidly changing field, allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive and tailored assistance that takes into account the specificities of their sector of activity and their specific issues (e-commerce, targeted advertising, fintech, health, processing of employee data).

Our assistance covers all aspects of the regulation of personal data:

  • Overall compliance plan
  • Conducting audits and impact assessments
  • Legal assistance in the implementation of privacy by design and privacy by default in the context of launching new products or services
  • Practical implementation of accountability
  • Consent and information management mechanisms
  • Advice on the implementation of complex processing, especially in the area of targeted advertising and connected objects
  • Cross-border processing
  • Assistance with complaints, inspection by the authorities, and litigation procedures (enforcement procedures, and court proceedings)

We also assist our clients with implementing a personalised and permanent legal watch.

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