Our M&A team offers tailored, comprehensive and pragmatic support covering each step of a transaction either in a domestic or an international context.

We also assist our clients in all their restructuring activities, always aiming to offer them the best possible legal service.

Our scope of work covers :

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: acquisitions and disposals of company shares, either listed or not, in France and abroad, purchase or sale of assets, of businesses, joint ventures
  • Market transactions: public offers, capital restructuring of listed companies, IPOs
  • Securities law: market abuses, governance of listed companies, management packages, reporting obligations and, more generally, securities law issues
  • Private equity: Venture capital and investments and other PE transactions
  • Group Reorganisation/Restructuring : mergers, partial contributions of assets, demergers, universal transfer of assets, dissolutions without liquidation
  • Corporate law: incorporation of companies and premium corporate support throughout the life of the company, provision of company secretary services
  • Corporate Pre-Litigation and Litigation: pre-litigation, post-acquisition disputes and shareholders dispute resolution

31 March 2020

Organization of shareholders’ meetings and meetings of other corporate bodies in time of lockdown

In a context of national emergency due to the fight against the spread of COVID-19,…

26 March 2020

2020 Shareholders’ Meetings: New rules to be enacted

In a context of national emergency, resulting from the spread of COVID-19, several decrees and…

30 December 2019

French new decree authorising the dematerialisation of registers recording the decisions of civil and commercial companies.

The minutes of shareholders' decisions and the records on which they were kept, which previously…

18 October 2019

Congratulations to our M&A team !

Nomos M&A team, lead by Julie Evangelisti and Guillaume Leclair, was recognized and ranked as…

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