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A 360-degree view of the sector

The music industry has undergone deep transformation over the last twenty years with the development of digital and online exploitation, the explosion of piracy, the evolution of contractual schemes with performers, the increase in touring and changes in the way music is promoted.

All those involved in the supply chain, creators, producers, publishers, online services, distributors, and collecting societies, have had to adapt their practices within a legal framework which has often been the subject of challenge.

Nomos is recognised as a leading firm in this sector and supports many key players on all legal issues specific to the music industry. The firm also contributed to the development of the legislative framework, alongside professional associations.

Multiple interventions adapted to the needs of clients in the sector

The size of Nomos’ teams combined with our knowledge of the music industry and our areas of legal expertise allow us to respond appropriately and effectively to all types of cases:

  • Mergers and acquisitions in the industry: acquisition of catalogues, transfer of business and acquisitions of companies in the music production or music publishing industry
  • Operating contracts: recording contracts, catalogue’s licensing, distribution, coproduction
  • Issues related to the collective management by collecting societies
  • Private copying
  • Social security litigation concerning recording contracts
  • Social security and tax treatment of remuneration paid to authors and performers
  • Litigation concerning counterfeiting

Nomos offers you its expertise in multiple sectors.

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