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Nomos’ team (Julie Evangelisti, Mathieu Bourson) advised the French Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) in the context of its investment in ARTE Education, a newly incorporated Arte group subsidiary, through its Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA). The Daniel and Nina Carasso Fundation acted as co-investor on this transaction.

ARTE Education was created to accelerate the development of the Educ’ARTE offer, a digital subscription-based service (professional on-demand videos) for teachers and their students, in France and Europe.

·         CDC’s legal advisors:

–         Nomos, Julie Evangelisti and Mathieu Bourson (Corporate), Christophe Pecnard and Julien Segura (Merger control), as well as Florence Dauvergne, Khalil Mihoubi and David Caupers (Legal and Tax Due Diligences)

–          Magenta, Fanny Mahler (public law)

·         ARTE’s legal advisors:

–          Kohn et Associés, Valérie Devismes et Flavien Giltat (Corporate)

–          LDEIS, Céline Cohen (Merger control)

·         Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso’s financial advisor : Gaspard Verdier


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