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(Denis Supplisson, Pharmagest Directeur Général Délégué and Alexander von Liechtenstein, Pharmathek Président)

The deal is now closed between the two groups and the Nomos gong, played.

As part of this transaction, Pharmagest Interactive, French leader in high-tech IT services related to healthcare subscribed to a capital increase of Pharmathek, an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of automated robots, increasing its stake in Pharmathek to 49% while in turn Pharmathek bought 100 % of the shares of Pharmagest French subsidiary Intecum.

Pharmathek’s product line addressing medium-sized and large pharmacies, complements Intecum’s line of products, the Pharmagest’s subsidiary marketing the SELLEN robotic system designed for small pharmacies. Pharmagest now has a full-fledged robotics business line with solutions adapted for all sizes of pharmacies in France and Europe.

The Nomos team, lead by Julie Evangelisti and Mathieu Bourson advised Pharmathek on the French side of this complex cross border transaction next to the Chiomenti team which lead the Italian legal aspects.

Below, the full list of legal advisers:

–          Pharmathek’s legal advisors (French law aspects): Nomos, Julie Evangelisti and Mathieu Bourson in M&A, Christophe Pecnard and Sara Pomar (commercial contracts), Jean-Claude Bignon and David Caupers (tax), Julien Segura, Romain Pietri, Sylvain Naillat and Antoine Jacquemart (legal due diligences)

–          Pharmathek’s legal advisors (Italian law aspects): Chiomenti, Corrado Canzani, Chiara Delevati, Maria Pia Palma, Luca Cerciello and Maria Laura Zucchini (M&A/Commercial Contracts), and Artemio Guareschi (Tax)

–          Pharmagest legal advisors (French law aspects): ACD, Dominique Pierson and Bruno Berkrouber

–          Pharmagest legal advisors (Italian law aspects): Grimaldi Studio Legale, Giancarlo Luglini, Carlo Cugnasca and Vincenzo Vinciguerra