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Durée du travail

Cass. Soc. May 11, 2017, 15-27118

As an exception to the complex regulation around the 35-hour legal working time, the managing executives (“cadres dirigeants”) are out of the scope of most of the rules on working time: the employer needs not counting the number of hours or days they work, they are not entitled to additional days off (the so-called RTT), they have no right to overtime payment, they may work on Sundays without any compensation, etc...
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Cass. Soc. January 25, 2017, 15-21950

As an exception to the general rule that the duration of work is computed on an hourly basis and overtime worked above 35 hours a week must be paid, employer and employee may agree on a number of days worked per year (so called forfait jours agreements). The conditions and modalities of such agreements are provided in the collective bargaining agreement entered into at industry or at company level. In that case the duration of work is not subject to the limitations provided by the labour code, in particular the daily and weekly limits (10 hours a day, and 48 hours a week, 44 in average over 12 weeks). However the employee must benefit from the daily rest for at least 11 hours.
Lire la suite : Travel time is not working time, but it is not rest either.

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